General Notices

Red Kite Gigrin Farm 10359058775

Goldeneye and Pintail starred in the Birdwatchers’ March visit to the Amwell Nature Reserve. Nine members of the new group took advantage of the reserve's large and well-sited hides to observe a wide range of ducks and other water birds. Stars of the show were some Pintails and a Goldeneye. We also had a good view of a pair of Reed Buntings and a number of nesting Cormorants. We also saw a Red Kite, a bird increasingly seen in our skies. This one was one of a pair expected to nest on the reserve this year.

Rob Pinkham

Anniversary Booklet Cover

CLICK HERE to view the above booklet which describes the history and development of our U3A and has been prepared for our 25th anniversary.

Oberammergau Bhne c1860

Once again, from 16th May to 4th October 2020, the villagers of Oberammergau in Bavaria perform their world famous Passion Play, a tradition which first started in 1634. The performance commemorates Christ’s journey into Jerusalem, His death and resurrection. It involves more than 2,000 villagers, a full orchestra and a vast stage.

Our proposed Oberammergau Passion Play tour will be a five-day tour exclusively for our group, combining the remarkable experience of the passion play with a trip to the castles and lakes of Bavaria.