Welfare Notices

WelfareImageIf you know of any member who is in hospital or just back home or in rehab who may need some help, do let me know so we can send a card at least and offer some practical help if needed. Similarly it would be good to offer our congratulations on any significant BIG birthday or anniversary. Let's show we in U3A care.

Jennifer Thomas

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Could you use the Books on Wheels Service? Up to 12 books/audio tapes can be delivered by volunteers to your house every 3 weeks. Simply call Hertford Library - David Rudd on 03001234049. You might even find you know your "Booklady" as several are U3A members.
Jennifer Thomas

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We are still collecting used postage stamps and now have two new outlets for them: a Waterways Restoration Project and a Dogs Trust. Please bring your stamps to monthly meetings and leave them for me with the hall door stewards. To recycle your ink cartridges or mobile phone then please take them to the RSPB. The nearest reserve is at Rye Meads, Hoddesdon. Thank you.
Jennifer Thomas

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The RNLI has launched an education campaign hoping to help people who fall into the water :

Float to live: Fight your instincts, not the water

You fall into the water unexpectedly. What do you do?

a) Swim
b) Panic
c) Float

Many people would fight the effects of cold water by swimming hard or panicking – two potentially life-threatening instincts that can quickly lead to drowning. Floating until the cold water shock passes could save your life.

As part of our Respect the Water drowning prevention campaign, we’re urging you to fight your instincts, not the water, and remember one simple skill – floating. See how to float in our short film and interactive guide, then please share with others to improve their chances of survival too.

For more details CLICK HERE

Stay Safe,
Roger Slater

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As levels of debit and credit card fraud increase Members are reminded to remain vigilant and protect themselves from financial losses.
Such scams may be from someone telephoning claiming to be from your Bank or from the Police. If you are invited to call back and verify the authenticity of the Caller, the Fraudster may hold the line open and mislead you into thinking you are making a new call so use a different phone if you can to make your call. Alternatively you might receive an unexpected gift, perhaps of flowers delivered by Courier, with a request for a small card payment ostensibly to cover part of the delivery cost. In both cases you will be asked to disclose or enter your pin number. If you do so it is likely that within a few days substantial sums will have disappeared from your account.

You should only disclose personal card information when initiating a purchase or a transaction, but never at any other time.
Roger Celia

Read the article "New Credit Card Scam – Be Aware!"

You may also find it useful to read the Credit Card Fraud wikipedia article.

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MUDLARKS are expanding their gardening support in the community. Their new Special Branch Department offers usual garden help on a regular basis. They will use your brown bin for small amounts of rubbish but as normal, will take larger bits away. Sounds just what we older gardeners need! Contact:
Jennifer Thomas (Welfare Officer)
Or Claire, the Mudlarks’ leader direct: [07507 869545]

from Groundwork 

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The community charity Groundwork Hertfordshire is offering the following FREE support to eligible residents across the county!

Herts Healthy Homes Providing tailored support to help keep you warm, safe and healthy in your home, including:
● Help accessing grants for home insulation and new boilers as well as financial support to help cover energy costs.