A trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on Tuesday, 10th July began with groups travelling from Hertford East and Hertford North stations to join up for lunch at the Salvation Army Cafe near the Millenium Bridge. As lunch finished, we could see from the local TV screen that the flypast, to celebrate 100 years of the RAF, had started and as we headed for the Millenium Bridge, which was packed solid with people looking up, we saw the beginning of the Flypast coming over St Pauls, certainly a bonus and not something we had planned. We stood for sometime with dozens of other tourists, workers and members of the Salvation Army watching the Flypast - amazing.
The afternoon finished off with an excellent matinee performance of 'As You Like It" at Shakespeare's Globe to a packed audience, noisy but very well behaved 'groundlings' and a rather tall Rosalind.

Mo Askew

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