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Times: Various - no fixed date or time

Venue: Anywhere in Greater London

Group 1 Sheila Colbert

Group 2 John Amos

Group 3 Roger Celia

Group 5 Mo Askew

exploring londonActivity: Monthly visits to places of interest in London accessed by public transport. Walking is involved as well as use of the Underground system. On arrival at a location we usually have professional guides to show us around.

Costs involve travel and entry fees (if any) to the venue. Costs mentioned in CONTACT exclude travel.

Vacancies: These groups are very popular. If you would like to join one, please contact the group leader, in the first instance, to check availability. Alternatively, contact the Groups Co-ordinators (Mo Askew & Annette Richardson)
If you would like to lead another group you will be given a lot of support by the above leaders and can join their groups initially to see how it's done!