Location: Library, Hertford Regional College (HRC), Ware Road, Ware  

Leader: Alan Brewis (Hertford)

This friendly group was formed in July 2016 of 12 -15 folk from both the Hertford and Ware U3As. HRC has excellent facilities including many PC's, Wi-Fi, a large presentation screen and a library. We share our experiences and give short, informal presentations on topics of interest. It's quite basic knowledge we're covering at the moment to help develop confidence in using our PC's and laptops. We hope to graduate to more intermediate level subjects in due course. There is free car parking on site (off Walton Road). New members, it's free, are welcome to just turn up although it would help if they contacted Alan beforehand.

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 13th December 2018

Another Q & A session where we help one another with our queries and problems. 

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 8th November 2018

We looked at Windows 10 'Photos' app, for organising and sharing your photos. A new app was demonstrated for and downloading from your mobile to your device by Wi-Fi.  

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 11th October 2018

Using your computer to find cheaper energy deals. If you don't currently switch suppliers, it is much easier than you might think. 

Next Meeting 11.00 am  Thurs 9th August 2018

Website Development.  Ever wondered how websites are created and loaded onto the internet? A presentation that explains and introduces the process using a real website. 

Next Meeting 11.00 am  Thurs 12th July 2018

Our first Q & A session where the group shares its knowledge on understanding and, hopefully, resolving issues with your devices. 

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 21st June 2018 'Myths & Scams' - Nick Burridge.

A presentation from an IT professional on the reality of online security. 

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 10th May 2018 - (the April meeting was cancelled).

We'll take a tour of typical computer network connections to gain a basic understanding of how this vital service operates. 

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 15th March 2018 

Backing up your data using Windows 10 'File History' facility. This requires an external hard drive. I will have an example with me. 

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 22nd February 2018 

The 'Creators Fall' (Windows 10) update has added some very useful functionality to 'OneDrive' - Microsoft's cloud storage facility. We'll take a look. 

Next Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 18th January 2018 

'Security' is the subject this month. We'll have a look at the latest advice on the best way to keep safe online. We will also have a look at 'Password Mangers'. They claim to offer more security as well as making memorising or writing your passwords redundant. 

Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 14th December 2017

We will review all we have covered on Windows 10 in the past year and also have a quick look at the latest Windows 10 update - 'Creators Fall'.

Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 9th November 2017

Pia Taudal, a member of the HRC Learning Centre is giving a 30 - 45 minute presentation on 'Pinterest'. Pinterest is a web and mobile app designed to discover information on the web, mainly utilising images.  

Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 12th October 2017

We had a Question and Answer type of meeting with several regulars raising issues they have with their computing devices which we then attempted to either resolve or else offer constructive advice. This was well received and we will repeat this in the future perhaps dividing the meeting between a shorter presentation and  a Q&A session.

Meeting 5.00 pm  Thurs 14th September 2017

This meeting introduced Microsoft's OneNote in detail. As with OneDrive I have found this another very useful Windows tool which I now use it regularly to replace all those papers notes I left lying around. It's easy to use and, as with OneDrive, syncs across all your devices.

Meeting 12.00 pm  Thurs 17th August 2017

We will be looking at Microsoft's cloud storage program OneDrive - how to enable, transfer files to and from, sync across devices and remotely access it. Bring along your laptops as usual.  

Meeting 12.00 pm Thurs 13th July 2017

This month we covered Windows 10's 'Task Manager.'  As with 'File Manager' that we looked at last month 'Task Manager is a facility you should know at least a little about. Whereas File Manager gives you control of all your data files, documents, photos, music, etc, 'Task Manager' tells you about the resources on your computer and how to better use them.  

Meeting 5.00 pm Thurs 15th June 2017

Continuing to explore Windows 10 we willl cover File Explorer. Before Windows 8 it used to be known as Windows Explorer. It’s another major component of Windows, indispensable if you want to remain organised using your computer.  Bring along your laptops, if you have one, as you will then have an opportunity, while it is all fresh, to put it into practice. 

Here’s a summary of some of the main themes you will meet.

  • Understand files, folders and libraries
  • Familiarity with the use of File Explorer
  • File Explorer display options
  • Move, copy, delete and recover files and folders

Meeting 5.00 pm Thurs 11th May 2017 from 5.00 pm prompt

This month we will cover everything you need to know to get the best out of Windows 10's web browser - Edge. You will learn:

  • Understand all the Menu options
  • Which settings to use
  • Importing favourires from another browser
  • The best use of Favourites
  • The Reading List
  • Saving passwords and form entries

Bring along your laptop!

Meeting 5.00 pm Thurs 9th March 2017 from 5.00 pm prompt

Workshops this month, in place of a presentation. Bring in your latops or use the college PC's to practice on Windows 10, Google, Spreadsheets or Word Processing. At the April meeting, there will be another presentation on Windows 10. This time we will explore it's main applications in a bit more depth.