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We probably all know that we should have at least one contact on our mobile phones headed “ICE” – in case of emergency. What I didn't know until I was required to attend a Speed Awareness Course is that this is the only number that the emergency services are permitted to call in the event of an accident or other emergency. Apparently you can have several ICE numbers, you just label them ICE1, ICE2 and so on. So it seems to be in everyone’s best interest to have at least one person listed as their ICE contact. Off to my phone now to sort it out! 

Trish Bindefeld

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If, for physical health reasons you find it difficult to move your bins out for collection, the Council can do it for you. Simply apply for the (mandatory!) form from the Council - 01279 655261 option4 -fill it in and return it. When your request is successful the "bin men" will stick an "E" on your bins and from then on collect, empty and return them to your property for you!
J Thomas

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The WRVS recently instigated their GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME which may be something you need to be aware of. They will support any housebound person in such practical ways as collecting a prescription, filling in a form, taking to a medical appointment (payable at 50p per mile) even gardening.... just call them on 07843 265863 before you get desperate. Also, a leaflet is available from Jennifer Thomas.


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If you find it harder to pay your heating bills (or are aware of someone who is) HertsHelp on 0300 123 4044 has government resources available. "Keep warm, Stay well" is their slogan so do feel free to use it.

Jennifer Thomas



HertsHelp makes getting the right support easy in Hertfordshire
Call or go online to get free help, advice and information as quickly and simply as possible.

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Can you spare an hour? If so, the Community Car Service would love to hear from you. This service takes those who need help to their medical appointments, but is in need of drivers to fulfil all their requests! Based in Ware the costs are reasonable at 45p per mile, payable to their driver on the day. Please call Terry on [01920 466942] or find out more from their website